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Reconnecting: A reader's question.

angel maynard

Angel I was wondering if you could help me. My husband and I are trying to save our marriage of 23 years. He has been working abroad for several years. We separated last year but have been trying to work things out. He comes home soon for vacation and I would like to go out for a romantic night. Where we live the most romantic place is the local wing place. Can you give me a few ideas?


Ok, well you said one key word that caught my eye! You want to go "out". If you are trying to reconnect, my suggestion is to stay in! If the best going out has to offer in your area is a wing place, skip it! What I suggest is to start the reunion with him now. Between now and when he comes home start a little flirting with him by email and text. Build the excitement of seeing each other by having some sexy conversations over the next couple of months. Go as sexy as you want with it. Even include some sexy pictures if you feel brave enough!

Men get excited by the images in their head from reading what you are writing. The visual images rolling around in his mind will get the blood pumping to the right places and builds the anticipation for him of seeing you, if you catch my meaning!

When he does get home plan a night in, where you can relax, talk, get sexy and have some fun either at home or get a hotel room. Plan an indoor picnic where all your favorite foods, snacks and drinks are at the ready for in between watching a movie, having some laughs and of course sexy time!

Don't skip getting dressed up as though you were going out. Buy something sexy to wear that would be unexpected by him. That doesn't have to be skimpy lingerie either. Pick out something that makes you feel and look good and lets him know that you want to be sexy for him. If seeing you in lingerie or jeans and a t-shirt work for you both, go with that. Just put in the effort. Even if you only have it on a few minutes, again, it's the visual and the idea you desire him and want to be sexy with him.

The best way to reconnect is uninterrupted alone time, where you can explore, talk, laugh and do whatever it is you both like to do together. Whether it's old things that brought you together in the first place or something new you want to try, the key here is doing it together without interruption to make the connection again.

I hope this helps some. Best of luck to you on your reunion. Sending sexy vibes your way and hoping it works out just as you hope it will!

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