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Reconnect Yourself to the Earth’s Energy

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In ancient times, people walked barefoot. Throughout the years civilization brought modern advances.

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Sharon Whiteley, Founder and CEO of LISTEN Brands, LLC, believes, “There are healthy benefits of walking barefoot. We don’t have that direct connection to the earth any more. Our bodies are electron deficient.

Science proves the physiological benefits of getting that connection restored.”

SZ: “What are the benefits of being grounded?”

Sharon, “Most of us think of the word being grounded as being balanced and getting centered and this is physiologically what happens.

I attended a conference and the subject switched to grounding aka earthing. The basic message, earth is an electrical field that has natural energy in the form of electrons and our bodies are electrical systems as well.

The very best thing that someone can do is walk barefoot on the grass or beach for 20-30 minutes but 95% of us cannot do it.

We decided to create a product that people could use in their daily lives to get them more connected to earth and benefit from this natural energy.”

SZ: “You can walk barefoot in shoes?”

Sharon: “When you walk in Pluggz Shoes, the energy comes from the ground up. You walk directly on the ground, which is grass, sand, dirt, gravel, tile and brick, city sidewalks or concrete (concrete is water and sand). You are getting connected to the earth. That is like going barefoot without being barefoot.

SZ: “Pluggz Shoes look similar to all other shoes except for the 1-¼” black circle inside the shoes and on the soles.”

Sharon: “Pluggz is a custom formulated carbon and rubber block plug. If the shoe just had a rubber sole without the carbon mixture it would not be conductive. The carbon and rubber mixture makes it conductive.”

SZ: “We can just plug ourselves in like plugging a lamp into an electrical outlet.

Sharon: “The plug on the outside penetrates through the hole in the shoe. The piece of it on the bottom is what is hitting the ground.

What makes our shoes conduct to the earth is the design of the shoes at the metatarsal area, the insole of the shoe, inside the foot pad, called the K-1 point. The ball of the foot is the most sensitive part of the foot for nerve endings to be able to get the earth’s energy into your body. It happens to be an acupressure point.

Pluggz are bio-mechanically engineered for true comfort. We have the trampoline heal, you don’t jump on it. The shoe is designed in a way that keeps the heal balanced and the person’s feet stable.

These shoes have insoles that are made of a wicking anti-microbial lining. Wicking means that there is some ability to absorb moisture so the feet don’t get sticky as feet perspire even in the winter.

For information about the concept of grounding or about Pluggz Shoes, call (800)-771.8314.