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Recommitting to your New Year's Resoulutions on MLK Day

A Sundial is an apt symbol of regaining one's life's berings, the one pictured above sits in front of Sherzer Hall on Eastern Michigan University's campus.
Sundial in front of Sherzer Hall on Eastern Michigan University's campus.
Photo by Donald Michael Schwartz
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It's a familiar scenario. You join a fitness club around New Year's. The first few weeks you're fighting the lines for the treadmills. By the end of January, the treadmill lines have disappeared and you are happily mounting a treadmill as soon as you enter the exercise area. The question is: will you join the hoards, by mid-February who will be thinking "oh yes, cream-filled Valentine's Day chocolates and a rich meal with my honey, chased down with a fancy drink and a delectable desert," only to be seen rarely in the club thereafter till next January?

Then comes St. Patrick's Day with all it's revelry and indulgence, followed later by a big Easter or Passover meal later in the spring. All the summer holidays spell out hot dogs, hamburgers, beer, smores and more. By the end of the year, many people will have the holiday indulgences hanging over their belt and desperate to run to the the treadmills at the opening of the next year.

So how can you break this cycle? Why not treat each holiday as an opportunity to renew your commitment to a healthier lifestyle. On New Year's day sit down with your sweetheart (and family if you have children) to plan out a healthy, meaningful and fun holiday calendar.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a great way to renew your resolutions. The man's life stands as a powerful symbol for constantly renewing resolutions and pledges. The children will be home from school, so take them to a march to connect with the greater community and get some healthy exercise. This is great opportunity for younger generations to learn from older generations, first hand knowledge of living through the Civil Rights Era.

Local MLK events

Martin Luther King Day Events at University of Michigan - Ann Arbor Campus

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebrationat Eastern Michigan University


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