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Recognizing National Safety Month

Caregivers and partners alike need to take home safety to the highest level. We don’t give much thought to our safety as we go about our home taking care of daily chores and activities. However, this is the leading cause of hospitalizations for people over a certain age and increases when a caregiver is present. The danger is for the “Caregiver”. We are so concerned about our partner, we tend to watch out for them and put their needs first, that’s when that throw rug grabs our shoe. When we think about it, how many of us have tripped getting out of the tub or shower. It is so easy to do with our minds on the need to get that expensive gas in the car so that we can see the Fireworks Display this weekend; and then we have a bang on our shin or worse a total fall in that small bathroom. When our home was build 20 or 30 years ago, the steps leading to the front door or the one step out of the garage to the laundry was right where it should be, we didn’t worry about handrails as we could see and could navigate them just fine. However, now that it seems we have gotten a little more relaxed in our thoughts, we forget and fall down or over that one step, what a jolt that was.

Taking all this into consideration, we could be light years ahead if we spent a small amount of money over the years allowing our homes to keep up with our abilities and need for safety. Most of us purchased our home with the thought in mind of making money on the sale of this asset in our later years. This may have been thought of as our retirement nest egg; however it won’t be if we need to use this nest egg for rehabilitation from a broken hip or a head injury. There are resources which can help us at least find the trouble spots and begin the fixing; one is

June is National Safety Month and with the majority of the population retired or going to retire within the next five to seven years we need to look at how we can make the best use of our funds for a happy long retirement. Upgrading our homes for this purpose may not have fit into the plans for retirement; however have you looked at the cost of Skilled Nursing Homes and Retirement Residences, we are talking major dollars; not to mention the inconvenience of not being able to care for a spouse, thus the care bill will double. If given the option most aging adults would want to stay in their own home with the flexibility to lead their life independently.

The highest number of complaints among seniors today or the greatest concern seems to be how to maintain their independence. This is possible if we take the time to address the hazards which are right where we live. Home accidents can be prevented with planning and preparation. Everyone should take one step to begin making our home a top priority in safety . You will be able to get a free help survey to get rolling and be able to stay in your home longer. This survey will take you further than the attached visual aid.

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