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Recognizing if your dog has atopy of the skin and its treatment options

Oh what a relief it is!  I just love my soothing, cozy baths!!
Oh what a relief it is! I just love my soothing, cozy baths!!

Dry itchy skin on your dog can be a minor case of dryness or an inherited skin disease known as atopy of the skin. There can be many varying causes that leads to atop of the skin. Dry skin is a common problem in the winter months but your dog can contract atopy from an allergy to a substance in the air; something absorbed through the respiratory tract or direct contact on the skin. It is difficult to notice your dog experiencing such discomfort through continual itching. If your dog is uncomfortable and you have tried to get it relief without success, contact your local Rockford-area veterinarian as listed below or one closest to your home to get a diagnosis and specific treatment plan for your pet’s skin distress.

Atopy of the skin on dogs is the second most common skin problem, next to flea allergy dermatitis. Secondary bacterial affections are common with atopy. A dog suffering with the condition will show symptoms as early as 6 months to a year, since this is thought to be an inherited problem. The condition may seem seasonal at first, showing up when allergens are more prevalent, but as the the dog ages, it can be allergic to more substances, presenting a year-round concern.

The most common symptom of atopy is an itchy, uncomfortable feeling, especially affecting the ears and feet areas. You will note red, irritated skin, often inflamed, due to the constant scratching. If you suspect a problem, monitor your dog for signs of chewing on the paws, shaking the head, scratching its muzzle area and ears. Treatment for atopy usually requires veterinary medical intervention.

When bringing your pet to the vet, diagnostic tests will be performed to pinpoint the real problem for a definitive treatment option. Such tests may include a completed medical history and thorough exam, especially checking the paws,in between the toes, muzzle area and ears. Many times, the obvious problem is not visible and may require skin scrapings, skin or blood testing and fungal cultures. Without getting a definitive diagnosis, treatment may alleviate some of the symptoms of the skin problem without remedying the underlying issue. Shots that work to modify the immune system to allergens is most often considered the best treatment for atopy in its moderate to severe stage.

Once diagnosed, your doctor may prescribed such treatments as fatty acid supplements, antihistamines, soothing shampoos, antibiotics to treat a secondary bacterial infection known as pyoderma, cyhclosporine and corticosteroids. Cortisone type drugs should be used only short-term as directed by your vet. These options do not cure atopy but can relieve the discomfort and symptoms. When it comes to severe cases of allergies, you can have your dog tested to find out what types of foods and substances to stay away from although a dog with atlopy will increase in allergies over the years. Just stick to the prescribed plan by your doctor and monitor any issues on a regular basis.

Since this is an inherited disorder, it is difficult to prevent. Airborne allergens exist everywhere, making them difficult to avoid. You may have less of a problem if you live in dry climates with high elevations. Just be patient, follow doctors orders, monitor its environment and report any changes in skin early on to get the best, quickest treatment. The sooner you can treat your pet, the less discomfort will it experience from such a debilitating condition. You can help your pet feel its best.

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