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Recognition is the universal language that crosses all borders…..

Promote kindness
Promote kindness

Recognition…..have you ever thought what a powerful tool it is? Have you contemplated what an impact it can have to make someone feel good? How many times have you worked hard doing something, and no one acknowledges your efforts? Recognize the labors of others that do things such as, keeping your office clean, or a city worker picking up trash, or someone you love who takes your car to wash it just because. If no one distinguishes these endeavors, you may not even think about it….but what happens if someone says, “Thank you for your hard work.”

Instantly you feel respected, you feel valued, and you feel warmth for the person that just raised your self-esteem. Recognition is a potent tool for the receiver and the giver. One of the best things about recognition is, you can give it to anyone, it costs nothing, and it may just make a difference in someone’s day or in their life.

Make it a habit of telling someone you see how you noticed how hard they are working, or tell them their smile brightened your day. If they are serving you food, ask them their name and use it. Remember to recognize your family and co-workers and even your boss for things they are doing that make each day a little sunnier.

If you encounter someone in which the two of you do not speak the same language, hand gestures and a smile can let them know you identify their efforts. You will know you connected without the use of words, when they look you in the eye and smile, or you see them walk a little prouder.

How simple it is to recognize the good in others… often we fail to do it. Each day make it a goal to appreciate someone you come in contact with. Raise someone’s spirits one person, one kind word at a time. It can start with you, promote recognition, promote kindness, it is contagious.