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ReciProty: The place where businesses network

Network with ReciProty
Network with ReciProty
Photo by Thos003 via Flickr

Hello business owners. Are you ready to make friends with people who think like you and can help you increase your business's notability? Have you been searching for a place where you can make real connections for your company's needs? Are you ready to see your business prosper because of who you know? If so, it is time to stop hoping for attention with your LinkedIn profile, rest from Facebook, and open the doors to ReciProty!

Networking for businesses

ReciProty is an online networking website designed for businesses to network with each other. This is done by the authenticity of the website's networking wall.

ReciProty's networking wall

By using the networking walk, businesses have the chance to be noticed and contacted by other ReciProty members within their city, state, region, or nationally. The networking wall can also be used to promote a business's resources. This is all decided by the level of exposure that a business chooses to use to promote itself on the network.

Specific searching functions

The ReciProty searching functions have advanced capabilities to help businesses find kindred industries. Businesses can search for companies by business genre, location, or name.

Create business groups

ReciProty allows business users to create business groups. The group's affiliation can be anywhere from local to national. This is good as it makes way for more authentic networking.

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