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Reciprocal caring

When we adopt a pet, we are the stewards of their life. We are their guardian; they are not a possession but rather another living being, shown in to accompany us on this journey. This concept seems to a bit out of reach for some.

Upon taking on this responsibility it should be for life, however that is sometimes interrupted. Two things seem to be the culprits of this situation; financial and health. We have all seen what a mess the downturn in our economy has left us with. The result in terms of pets was just as catastrophic. People were forced to give up pets due to the financial situation they were in. This was heart breaking and affected the health of many an animal lover and the animal alike. An organization coming to the aid of these people and pets shoring up health for both .

Our health care system is well I won't go there. However, many of our mental health needs can be met by a pet that is trained to meet those needs. It is interesting how we are eager to take a pill but not sit down with our trusted friend and have a heart to heart. Science has proven the benefits of having a pet, from lowering blood pressure to calming children in a negative situation. We need to consider this very carefully and give to or begin our own chapter.

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