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Recipes for Life

Melanie's Watermelon Cake
Melanie's Watermelon Cake
S. Ryan

Many times we read a recipe that contains all the ingredients we need to make a sumptuous dish. The recipe contains the instructions and sometimes a picture to show us what we are making. How many times have we tried to copy the results we see? Experience tells us, what we see and what we expect may not be what we get. It would be nice if all we do came out to be as pictured. Life without a recipe may inhibit our growth as making food without a recipe may produce dissatisfaction. We strive to provide ourselves with nutrition as well as satisfying consumption of goods to make us healthy, sometimes, wealthier and all round better. If we have a plan or recipe to attain our desired goal, we may be able to produce the end results we desire. As we proceed, let us remember, our plans can be adjusted and the ingredients we include can be substituted to meet our needs. Are there recipes we can be use to produce satisfaction for the lives we are experiencing? What are some ingredients we should include? What directions are included in your “recipe of life” (plan)? It would be great to share your responses to these questions.