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Recipes for leftover ham after Easter: How to make slow cooker pea soup

Recipes for leftover ham after Easter: How to make slow cooker pea soup
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Intro: If you're looking for recipes for leftover ham, learning how to make slow cooker pea soup is a nice way to get rid of those Easter leftovers. This can be a pea soup recipe with ham bone or without, depending on your preference, and it's very simple to make. Just put it into your slow cooker and go.

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Recipe for Split Pea Soup With Ham Bone in Slow Cooker


  • 1 lb of rinsed split peas (dried)
  • 2 med. carrots, diced (peel before dicing)
  • 2 med. celery stalks, diced
  • 1 small yellow onion, diced
  • 2 med. minced cloves of garlic
  • 2 fresh parsley sprigs
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 2 ham hocks or 1 ham bone with plenty of meat left on it (Your Easter ham leftovers will do)
  • 1 qt of veggie broth
  • 2 c. of water
  • Kosher salt
  • black pepper, white pepper, sea salt to taste

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Instructions for Ham and Pea Soup:

  1. Layer the bottom of your crockpot or slow cooker with the split peas.
  2. Place the celery, garlic, carrots, onion, bay leaf and parsley on top of the split peas in one layer, making sure the layer is even.
  3. Add the ham hocks or ham bone on top of all the layers.
  4. Pour in the veggie broth and water and season to taste.
  5. Cover the slow cooker and set the split pea and ham soup with ham bone to cooking for up to 10 hours on a low setting. Or if you need to cook it faster, set it on high. That said, this method will still take a minimum of five hours.
  6. When you're ready to eat the split pea soup recipe, take out the ham and put it on your cutting board.
  7. Take the meat from the bones and put it back into the soup. Get rid of the bones and skin.
  8. Stir the meat into the soup so that it's evenly distributed.
  9. Serve the soup with grated fresh Parmesan cheese, more seasoning and garnish with parsley sprigs. Make a ham salad sandwich to serve with it.
  10. For extra flavor, add thick bacon chunks at the end of the cooking time or a dash of honey to give it some sweetness.
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