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Recipe for easy vanilla extract

This homemade vanilla flavoring recipe calls for vanilla beans.
This homemade vanilla flavoring recipe calls for vanilla beans.

I was checking out some recipes in an old recipe book the other day and ran across this classic recipe for making homemade vanilla extract. I've made this in years past and it makes cookies and other baked goods taste yummy.

The recipe is easy to make and it can be used for all recipes calling for vanilla extract. Please keep in mind this is a strong vanilla extract recipe and you may have to readjust it for baking and cooking purposes.

Vodka is used in this recipe for vanilla extract. Because of this, the recipe can be made in larger quantities and used as a great bathroom and kitchen cleaner. Using vodka in bathroom and kitchen cleaning will sanitize the area. The vanilla bean adds an aroma that will have your kitchen and bathrooms smelling awesome! Dilute the vanilla extract as needed and put it into a spray bottle. It's ready to go!

To make vanilla extract, you will need:

6 vanilla beans
8 ounces of vodka

Pour the vodka into a jar or bottle that can be sealed. Put the vanilla beans in the vodka and allow them to marinate for about six to seven weeks. Storing for longer periods of time will enhance the flavor. Seal the jar, label it and you're done!

Ensure you label the jar so friends and family members do not get into it without knowledge of what it is. Do not leave it in the vodka bottle. You will have people drinking it before it is ready.

The homemade vanilla extract is tasty, easy to make and will have all of your goodies tasting and smelling yummy! You'll never buy store bought vanilla extract again!

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