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Recipe for broiling a New York strip steak

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If one is experimenting with marinades, consider broiling one’s New York strip steak. There are many different marinade recipes that can complement the natural, great flavor of New York strip steak. However, do not use salt in one’s marinade recipe, because it can dry the meat out while it is cooking.

Leave the oven door ajar, so it does not overhead when one is broiling. One should set the temperature on the oven at 375 degrees F, which is a recommended temperature for broiling. In addition, one should use a vented pan.

Cook the steak for four minutes on each side for medium doneness or less if one prefers their New York strip steak to be pink or red in the center. Remember that the steak keeps cooking for a little bit when one takes it out of the oven or broiler, so do not over do them in there.

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