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Recipe Contest from Gluten Free Registry and Bob's Red Mill

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Gluten Free Registry, an online registry of great places to find gluten free eats, and Bob’s Red Mill, a gluten free food company, have joined forces to bring us the Bob’s Red Mill Recipe Contest. Kansas City restaurants and retail bakeries are invited to enter.

Here’s how it works:
"Participating restaurants/retail bakeries will be given Bob's Red Mill products to create a new gluten-free dish for their menu. Dishes to fall into at least one of these categories: Main Dish, Soup, Salad, Side, Appetizer, Dessert or Breakfast. Restaurants/retail bakeries will submit for publishing a copy of their recipe along with a photo of their entry to The restaurants/retail bakeries will offer their signature dish on the menu from July 15th thru August 14th."

The prize is one that any member of the gluten free elite would flip over. First place gets 150 lbs. of Bob’s Red Mill goodies of their choice. Second place gets 100 lbs. and third place gets 50 lbs.

Winners will be determined by customer votes. Voting starts on July 15 and runs through August 14. That means each participant will have one month to make their dish the talk of the town! The entry deadline for the contest is June 30, so register today! When you do, make sure to leave a comment below to be included in later updates about the contest and so that we know to vote for you.

For more information and to register your retail bakery or restaurant for the contest, visit the Bob’s Red Mill Recipe Contest site.

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  • Kulani Kon 5 years ago

    You always find the greatest things for the gluten free elite!

  • Elizabeth Signer aka The Fat Boxer 5 years ago

    LOVE all the GF TLC we get here from YOU! XOXO

  • Johnna 5 years ago

    I am one of the finalists (and from KC). Please vote for my Udilicious Cinnamon Roll Bread Pudding with Vanilla Bean Sauce.

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