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Recession era silver lining: second careers for working moms (and dads)

Feel like a kid again
Feel like a kid again
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  • David Peterson 6 years ago

    Great article Pam. I am one of those "Dad's" who was downsized in the auto/economy slump last year. There truly has been a "silver lining" for me due to this temporary situation.

    I was fortunate to be called by a former colleague of mine who was downsized the same day as me and who recently acquired a new position as Marketing Manager to do some Public Relations and Marketing consulting work for her. It has been a great source of income for us and has allowed me the opportunity to brush up some of the skills I haven't used in a while.

    This situation has also allowed me to play "Mr. Mom" and spend more quality time with our children which had been lacking prior to losing my job.

    It is still a stressful time and I do spend many hours at the library researching and applying for jobs ... but having that second career and knowing I have options does bring some relief. I recommend it to anyone who is in the mode of "what do I do now"? Like the Nike phrase states - Just Do It!

  • Pam Houghton 6 years ago

    David - that is a great story. I'm so glad you shared it.

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