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Reception venues in Atlanta 101: Part 1


There are a few metro Atlanta venues that we love to videotape.  They have great areas outsidPhoto courtesy  of WingersMedia.come for ceremonies and enough space inside just in case it rains. The lawns are well manicured and look great on video. In this article I will discuss the venue, Che’ne Rouge located in Hiram.   They have done a spectacular job with the décor. As a bride you feel swept away by its charm and the hospitality from the staff and the owners, Bonnie and Sue.   Whenever we're at Che'n Rouge we hear comments such as “It’s gorgeous” or  “It’s a hidden treasure.”  In one of my recent articles, I commented about proper facility layouts and its importance.  Here’s a link to some footage  that we videotaped.  It’s a virtual tour of Che’ne Rouge. 

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The bridal suite is spacious. And there’s plenty of room for the bride and bridesmaids to get drePhoto courtesy of WingersMedia.comssed for the ceremony. There’s a private patio area just outside of the bridal suite. There the bride can relax and take advantage of the convenient wet bar exclusive to the bridal suite. 

  The groom’s area is upstairs from the bridal suite with all amenities just for the men. It’s convenient and private.            The guests have access to all other amenities as well on the main floor.

As the guests arrive, they make their entrance to Che’ne Rouge through a beautifully decorated barn which then leads them by the garden area where the ceremony takes place. Once in the garden area there are several entrances to the facility. The ramp that leads through the main entrance is ideal for wheelchairs and any wedding vendors that carry heavy equipment. No worries with small children or the elderly falling down a long set of stairs. 
Once inside it’s easy to see how well the layout works. The dance floor is the center of the action. Several doors line one Photos courtesy of Wingers Media.comside of the dance floor that lead out to the ceremony garden area. It’s nice to have an easy access to the outside area for smokers, cell phone users and such. Unlike a hotel reception, they are still close enough to see the dance floor and not be so far away from the action that they miss the first dance, bouquet toss or any other important moment.
There’s plenty of space. Guests don’t feel cramped.

Except for the groom’s suite, everything is on one floor.  The buffet table is located in the main entrance area just outside the reception area/dance floor. There’s plenty of room so guests have room to move around, get their food and return to their table. From a videographer and photographer’s viewpoint, it’s a wonderful place to shoot. And from the bride’s viewpoint, “I love it!”