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Recently signed Sometime After wants to keep their sound and step wherever the Lord leads

Robert Gifford, Gonzo Rincon, Alex Rincon, and David Bown of Sometime After
Robert Gifford, Gonzo Rincon, Alex Rincon, and David Bown of Sometime After
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Recently Sometime After signed with Tate Music Group because they feel it gives them a lot of latitude for their production.  "We have gotten offers from other labels," states Gonzo Rincon, "but we wanted to make our sound and keep our sound that we have and have a label that we thought we could grow with and use them as a stepping stone to wherever the Lord leads us."

Describe your sound.

Gonzo, vocals:  I think we're a mix of U2 and Dave Matthews, I think now. 

Alex Rincon, guitar:  I say Dave Matthews meets U2.

Gonzo:  A little bit of Jeff Buckley in there.

Alex:  Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters. (Laughter)

Robert Gifford, bass:  Almost an adult contemporary vibe to where it's grown up rock more than it would be Emo or Punk influence and all that.

Alex:  I would say that people that dig us really have a more mature understanding of music.

Gonzo:  In our music we actually blend a lot of jazz chords, a lot of variations of chords that aren't normally used in your power chord rock bands.  Even from what you're going to hear recorded to what you hear live, our live is going to be really jam session.  We're going to call it a Christian Rock Jam Session.

Each member of the band was a jazz major in college or will be a jazz major.

The first thought that comes to mind when hearing Sometime After is smooth. Gonzo's voice is clear, strong, and easy to understand. There is no struggle to grasp what is coming out of his mouth. And when you want people pondering what message you are bringing, that is an important element.

"Fun Praise" is a term that has been used to describe their sound.  People approach them after a set and tell them they look like they're having a lot of fun on stage. 

Robert:  It makes you want to dance.  It makes you want to bob your head.

Gonzo:  And that's where Matthews comes in, you really want to get out there and dance.

What should someone expect at a concert? 

Gonzo:  When you come to a concert you are going to see something totally different than what you hear on the album.  We want that experience is what we want.

Robert:  I wouldn't say totally different, but definitely an enhanced version.

David Bowen, drums:  That's the worship aspect of what we are trying to do, instead of it being all about product.  I've been to shows that were exactly front to back like the cd and I come away feeling a little ripped off because I already have that.

Robert:  We're approaching it on the fact that the show is about creating that memory and that moment where someone identifies with it and remembers it when they listen to the cd.  The cd kind of jogs those memories, more than the show being a regurgitation of the album.

You don't seem to be afraid of being labeled a Christian band.

Gonzo:  Our motto is that we're not Christians in a band.  We're Christians in a Christian band.  We'll play any venue, but we're universal in our message.  Our message is there and we leave it for the audience to feel those emotions.  Everything we write is scripturally based.  I can quote you what scripture it is.  I can tell you what it is and if you look at the words, clearly, you will see that.

The group writes lyrics in a way that if a non-believer looking for truth listened, it would make them wonder and want to learn more.  Their approach is universal in that they put the message out there as a spiritual catalyst encouraging the listener to dig for more insight.

Alex:  We're not ashamed to take our music anywhere, because I don't think, as a Christian, we should be ashamed to take the Gospel anywhere.

Gonzo:  We call our sets "The Journey" and each one takes you through the beginning all the way to the end of all the emotions and represents a walk in Christian life.  We've all come from secular backgrounds and we carefully let God use us to make sure we'll be a light in the world for Him.

While listening to KVRK 89.7 Power FM, Gonzo's eyes were opened to the horror of modern day slavery in an emotional and alarming way.  The subject was being addressed by Rescue The Girl, a Texas based organization dedicated to raising awareness and funds to benefit the victims of sex slavery.  Presently they are creating a feature film chronicling the lives of 15 rescued girls in India.

Gonzo's awakening led to the writing of "Innocence Lost" which talks about people trapped in slavery and other oppression. "It talks about getting out of our Christian ghetto, our church pews, our Christians walls, Christian places and getting out into the real word and ministering to those hurting."

What does Sometime After mean?
(Lots of laughter)

Gonzo:  We used to be known as Birth and these guys said, "NO!"

Alex:  It sounds disgusting.

Robert:  You couldn't google it.  You search "birth music" and you get "music to have kids to"!

As a group they noticed in the Bible in several places it states "sometime after" an event, then God moved.  They feel the phrase fits them and how their sets are a story of the Christian journey where God does move.

Musical Influences:

DavidThe Mars Volta, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Count Basie, Buddy Rich, Animal, Miles Davis

Robert:  U2, everybody says U2, but as a bassist, just that pocket, adding a lot of color without adding too much.  Jimmy Blanton, Charles Davis, John Entwistle, P-Funk All-Stars, Bootsy Collins , Classical, Rocco Prestia

AlexBlink-182, Bootsy, Flea, Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2, Buckley, Vertical Horizon, Fiona Apple,
MUTEMATH, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Christian Scott, John Mayer, Tower of Power, Eric Clapton, Coldplay, Dave Matthews Band

GonzoDMB, U2, Collective Soul, Charlie Parker, David Sanborn, early Kenny G, Yellowjackets, Duran Duran, Tears for Fears, Michael W. Smith, Bob Carlisle, Steven Curtis Chapman, NeedToBreathe, Building 429

What would be your dream tour?

Alex:  U2 (laughter)

Gonzo:  If we go Christian, NeedToBreathe, Jars of Clay, and Jeremy Camp.  Secular wise, U2, Dave Matthews, and John Mayer.  Those would be our dream tours.  Or The Police, Branford Marsalis...

AlexPhil Collins and Genesis (at this point the interviewer offered to go on the tour to be the Merch Girl)

David:  The very first song I ever performed in front of people was "In The Air Tonight" in my fifth grade vocal class.  Made them sit through the whole thing because it was back in cassette days.

Gonzo:  Another fun band would be MUTEMATH.

At this time Sometime After is in the process of recording their album, In The Midst of You, with producer Joshua Dougan, drummer for the now disbanded Jonah33.  The album is expected to be released in May 2010. 

Sometime After will be performing live in the Dallas area on Friday, February 26th, 8 p.m., at Opening Bell Coffee and in Deep Ellum at The Prophet Bar on March 14th and The Liquid Lounge on March 26th.



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