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Recently rescued dog attacks owner and is shot by police officer

Paul the dog that got a second chance Facebook page

According to Monday's WMBF News, a German shepherd who was recently rescued from certain death at an animal control facility, was shot and killed in Union County, N.C., after turning on his owner and another individual.

The dog, named "Paul," had been rescued just weeks ago from the Rowan County Animal Shelter. Prior to being rescued, the dog had been scheduled for destruction at the facility because of aggression issues.

Paul was at the Crossing Paths Park in Indian Trail on Sunday afternoon for a socializing exercise when things went horribly awry. Paul bit one woman in the face when she was feeding him - Paul's owner, Chivon Winter, was also attacked when she attempted to hold Paul down.

Sheriff's deputies responded after a 911 call was placed - the dog turned on one of the officers, who was unable to control him with a catch pole. The officer feared for his safety and made the decision to shoot the dog.

Paul's rehabilitation was being shared with supporters on a Facebook page, Paul the dog who got a second chance. On Monday, the following statement was posted to the page:

Friends and supporters, it is with a very heavy heart that I report the death of Saul, AKA Paul. On Sunday April 13, during a socialization session with Saul, he lashed out at an adult that has extensive experience with many types of dogs and knew of Saul’s history. My immediate instinct was to pull Saul from this volunteer. I received the brunt of attack to my hands and forearms to keep others safe. 911 and animal control were immediately called and responded emergently. Animal control did everything in their power to try and control Saul, but Saul could not be calmed. His life was ended.
In the previous weeks leading to this event, Saul only barked at those who he did not know and quickly changed his mood and demeanor with positive reinforcement of wanted behavior. He showed a high level of intelligence and willingness to please without signs of aggression during training or routine socializations. Saul was in my opinion making excellent progress.
Please give us time to recover from this tragic incident. If I do not respond it is because I am having a very hard time typing. We also understand that everyone is entitled to an opinion whether good, bad or indifferent. I will do my best to answer questions, but will not respond to speculation.

On the Facebook page established for Paul, this statement was posted about why Paul was saved from the animal shelter:

Even though this dog is an owner-redemption only, can an exception be made for this dog to be released to a trainer to get him rehabilitated? It's a much better option than death."

This page was made in his honor to show that just because a dog bites doesn't mean his behavior can't be changed.

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