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Recently adopted puppy returned to shelter in horrible state of health

Update 7/15/14: The rescue agency has just announced that Peanut died. Big Hearts for Big Dogs wrote the following information on Tuesday:

Peanut before and after
Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue
Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue

We are heartbroken to report that Peanut has left this cruel world and moved onto a better place. We fought long and hard and his little body finally gave up. Peanut passed from the effects of his prolonged starvation combined with the severe infections and mange his organs just couldn't hold on anymore.

On Sunday, the non-profit rescue organization, Big Hearts For Big Dogs, notified their Facebook followers about a terrible case of neglect involving a puppy who was adopted out to a new owner in Florida just three months ago.

The rescue agency posted the following information to their Facebook page:

We have an urgent situation. We received notification that our sweet Luna's puppy that was adopted out of Broward County Animal Care and Adoption was returned three months later in terrible condition.

Luna's foster mom Danielle Renee agreed to foster him and we immediately pulled him. We all cried when we saw him and he immediately crashed on us and is hospitalized in critical condition.

Trinity, the West Coast Director for the rescue agency, emailed the following information to the National Dog News Examiner on Monday evening:

He is in terrible shape. He is not eating drinking or standing but the prognosis is positive with supportive care. He is currently being treated at Country club animal hospital.

She added:

This guy is breaking our hearts. We rescued his mom from the same shelter and just adopted her out.

On Monday, the rescue agency released the following information about Peanut's current condition:

He is extremely weak, his sodium is high and blood cell counts are low. They are working to dicover the source of the extreme anemia. His skin is in such poor condition he is losing blood and fluids constantly.

We are working now to get him stable and have not even begun to address his skin. They have added a second antibiotic based on how bad the pus on the skin has become. He is looking at an extended stay.

The photo of Peanut, happy and healthy just a few short months ago, makes his deterioration even more heart-breaking.

According to the rescue agency, the owner who allowed Peanut to fall to such a sad state of health is facing charges of animal cruelty.

Anyone who is interested in contributing to this puppy's veterinary expenses can make a donation to the rescue agency at this link. Note - the veterinary hospital is not set up to take phone donations.

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