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Recent UFC events featured plenty of scatological comedy

According to a Jan. 16 report from MMA Junkie, Yoel Romero (7-1 MMA, 3-0 UFC) denies soiling himself during his UFC Fight Night 35 bout against Derek Brunson.

Romero, 36, knows the MMA community was buzzing on social media about the dark stain that appeared on the rear end of his trunks during the fight, but he says it was nothing but sweat.

The Olympic silver medalist has now knocked out three-straight opponents from coming to the UFC from Strikeforce. Unfortunately, many fight fans were talking about the gnarly stain on his shorts rather than the handy work from his fists.

Romero wants UFC fans to know he did not actually soil himself during the bout and that the stain was the result of large quantities of sweat.

“It was wet,” Romero said of the stain. “It was sweat.”

UFC President Dana White was in no mood to talk about the "stain seen 'round the world" following UFC Fight Night 35, as he opted to discuss Romero's fighting skills.

“He’s so explosive, and what I love about this guy and fighters who fight like this guy is, I had him down two rounds, and he comes out in the third round with urgency like he needs to finish the fight – especially against a tough guy like Brunson,” White said. “Brunson is no joke. That guy is very, very tough. If you look at [Romero's] experience, he’s only got like seven fights or eight, including tonight. To win the fight like he did tonight against Brunson, I wish this guy was here when he was 25. He’s still very inexperienced.

“I know people are going to want to push him faster because he’s such an explosive, exciting guy to watch. But he’s a finisher. He’s got that killer instinct. I don’t know if he knew he was down two rounds, or if he just felt better in the third round than he did in the first two. But he came out with urgency like he needed to win by finish, and he did it.”

Despite White's comments, it's impossible to deny that the UFC's first two events of the new year featured an unprecedented amount of scatological comedy.

Earlier in the week, Siyar "The Great" Bahadurzada (21-6) was forced to answer questions about passing wind during his UFC 168 fight with John Howard.

"I didn't hear it during the fight, but after the fight, the fans were tweeting at me, like 'did you or John [Howard] fart? First of all, I kept quiet because John Howard, I'm not going to dismantle the guy and say that he farted because you will lose your face," Bahadurzada said. "The entire world heard that fart.

"So I didn't say anything. John Howard went out there and said it was me, that I was it. So then I was like 'man you're not sure that it was me. Why are you saying this?' But then the UFC and tweeted that it was cameraman number four who farted during the broadcast."

Heading into UFC 169, hopefully the juvenile funnies have gotten out of everyone's system and the focus gets turned back to the athletes' fighting abilities rather than scatological jokes.

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