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Recent Threats From Iran Could Help Peace Deal

A few weeks back, it seemed that the peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, seemed to be moving forward and both sides were willing to compromise. But now a wrench has been thrown into the gears of progress. And the name of that wrench, the one thing now holding back peace in the Middle East, could very well be Iran.

Just as Netanyahu was making his rounds, meeting with Obama at the White House and making speeches to help further along the peace process, Iran has been escalating their call of violence in the region. Netanyahu laid it all on the line that if the Palestinians want peace, then they must stop Iran from creating nuclear weapons. But instead of Iran and the Palestinians agreeing in the name of peace, Iran decides to escalate the violence and the attacks on Israel.

In fact, within this past week, an Iranian ship bound for the Gaza strip was intercepted in international waters by the Israeli military. The ship reportedly was carrying an arsenal of rockets which were to be used to fire at Israel from the Gaza strip. But a couple of days later, at least twenty rockets, and as much as sixty, were still being fired into Israel from Gaza, sounding off alarms, and hitting residential neighborhoods. The Israeli Air Force responded with an overnight air raid, hitting twenty nine Hamas terror targets. But the rockets continue to fly.

President Shimon Peres of Israel gave a stern warning to Hamas saying, "The state of Israel will not accept rocket fire on our citizens whatsoever. Hamas should decide how they want to live. They will get fire for fire, and a ceasefire for a ceasefire."

There is more evidence from Iran that the situation will continue to escalate and they have no intention of backing down. Just recently, Iran sent out warnings to Israel. An Iranian guard member was quoted as saying, while speaking at a conference in Tehran, "The Islamic Republic was prepared, and keeping a finger on the trigger to attack and destroy Israel at any time given the need. Today we can destroy any spot which is under the Zionist Regime's control with any volume of fire power that we want, right from here."

So the question remains, can there ever be peace in the Middle East? It would seem at this point that it will take some sort of miracle to make all parties agree. And with the deadline coming up at the end of April, it's going to take a real miracle to make it all happen. The question that most people have who study Biblical Prophecy is if the Peace Agreement will happen first or if there will be a war first. A war may be needed or some kind of horrific event in order to get people scared enough to want to make peace with each other. But God is in control and it is apparent that however it happens, Bible prophecy must take place,as it is written.

With Iran threatening to wipe out Israel and the fact that they most likely have nuclear weapons by now, it seems imperative now more then ever, that the peace agreement would need to be signed. The pressure is certainly on like never before, especially for Israel. Perhaps if Iran threatens to use their nuclear weapons, which they may have done by threatening to wipe out Israel today, the world will stand up and take notice that something needs to be done in order to keep Iran from using those weapons, and to create peace in the region and in the world. Israel may be more than willing to give into some of their demands, knowing that this may be the only way to keep their country safe from nuclear threats. So these recent threats from Iran may be just the thing to get the peace deal signed. The peace deal could be signed any time, any day now and it could happen quickly and unexpectedly.

As we know when the deal is signed, the tribulation hour begins. Jesus comes to get his bride to save them from the hour of trial that will come upon the whole earth. Get your heart ready for Jesus's return. Ask Him to come into your heart and to forgive you of your sins, so that you may be saved also from the hour of trial that is soon to come. Don't be left behind, get your heart ready for Jesus today!

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