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Recent scientific dating techniques indicate a young age of the universe


Evolution theory requires an old universe, old solar system and old earth. Nearly all informed evolutionists will admit that without billions of years their theory is dead. the media and textbooks have implied for over a century that these almost unimaginable ages are correct. But when these people see the evidence to the "origins question" they become disturb, at least initially when the evidence indicates that the universe, solar system and the earth are young.

Here are some of these points of evidence :

Galaxy Clusters : Because galaxies within clusters are so close together, they have not been flying apart for very long. The stars and gas clouds have such high relative velocities that they should have broken their "gravitational bonds" long ago if they were billions of years old.

Unstable Galaxies : Spiral galaxies are very unstable. They should of completely changed their shape if its been billions of years. The Milky Way Galaxy and other spiral galaxies have to be younger than has been taught about galaxies.

Supernova Remnants : Explosions called supernovas, produce gas and dust that expand outwards thousands of miles per second. Radio telescopes should of found millions of years of debris of these supernovas but however, only about 6,000 years worth of supernovas are seen.

Solar Wind : Particles less than about 100,000th of a centimeter in diameter should have been blown out of the solar system if it were billions of years old. But this is not the case, these particles are still orbiting the sun which in conclusion appears that the solar system is young.

Hot Planets : Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune are radiating twice the heat energy than they receive from the Sun. Uranus and Venus also radiate too much heat. This in that these planets have not existed long enough to cool off.

Moon Dust and Debris : If the Moon were billions of years old, it should have accumulated a thick layer of dust and debris from meteor bombardment. Some scientists were very concerned that the astronauts would sink into a sea of dust, possibly a mile thick. This came out of believing that the Moon was billions of years old. But this did not turn out to be. It was only a few inches thick. Recent measurements of the influx rate of meteor material on the Moon also do not support an old Moon.

Rapid Cooling : If the Earth bean in a molten state, it would have cooled to its present condition in much less than 4.5 billion years. The known temperature pattern inside the Earth is consistent only with a young Earth.

River Sediments : More than 27 billion tons of river sediment enter the oceans each year. If erosion has been constant the sediments would of choked out the oceans. No process has been proposed which can remove sediment out of the oceans each year. So the oceans cannot be hundreds of millions of years old.

Excess Fluid Pressure : Abnormally high oil, gas, and water pressures exist within relatively permeable rock. Pressures would of dropped far below what they are today if the Earth is billions of years old. This high pressure tells us that the oil, gas, and water must have been trapped suddenly and recently.

Meteor Dust on Earth : Meteor dust is accumulating on Earth so fast that after 4 billion years there should be more than 16 feet of dust that have accumulated. This dust is high in nickel but the Earth's crust shows no such abundant concentration of nickel. Therefore, Earth appears to be young.

Conclusion of the whole matter : All dating techniques, especially the few that suggest vast ages, presume that a process observed today has proceeded at a known, but not necessarily constant rate. Evidence that suggests the Earth is young does disturb those who have always been told that the Earth is billions of years old.

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