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Recent release: 'The Bourne Ascendancy' by Eric Van Lustbader

Robert Ludlum was a New York Times bestselling author of thriller novels with the most popular being the Bourne series and its protagonist Jason Bourne. Starting with “The Bourne Legacy” in 2004 Eric Van Lustbader has continued writing the Bourne novels and “The Bourne Ascendancy,” the latest in the series, was released this week.

'The Bourne Ascendancy' by Eric Van Lustbader is the latest book in the Bourne series of thriller novels.

In “The Bourne Ascendancy” Jason Bourne is hired to impersonate a high-level government minister at a political summit in Qatar to protect him from possible assassination attempts. When armed gunmen storm the meeting they kill everyone except Bourne because he is the target. He is kidnapped and taken to an underground bunker where he meets a terrorist named El Ghadan. He has taken his close friend Soraya Moore and her two year old daughter captive.

El Ghadan has plans to stop the President of the United States from attempting a peace treaty between the Israelis and the Palestinians. He demands that Bourne help him out by killing the president and if he refuses he threatens to kill Soraya and her daughter. Bourne has to choose between saving the president or Soraya.

Eric Van Lustbader is the author of best selling thrillers and fantasy novels among them The Pearl Saga, The China Maroc series and now the continuation of the Bourne series. His novels have been translated into numerous languages and have sold millions of copies worldwide.


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