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Recent release: 'Field of Prey' by John Sandford

'Field of Prey' by John Sandford is the latest in the Prey series of novels featuring Lucas Davenport.

John Sandford is The New York Times bestselling author of the Prey series featuring Minneapolis Department of Public Safety’s Bureau of Criminal Apprehension investigator Lucas Davenport. His latest release is “Field of Prey” and that makes this the twenty-fourth book in this popular series.

In “Field of Prey” Layton Carlson Jr thinks he has the perfect spot picked out for the perfect night with his girlfriend. The abandoned farmyard in the middle of cornfields is nice, private and quiet but there’s something wrong with it. The place smells so bad that he takes his concerns to a county deputy and when the deputy investigates it he finds a body stuffed down a cistern.

By the time Lucas Davenport is called there have been more than fifteen bodies discovered and the count is rising. He soon discovers that the murders have been committed over several years nearly one every summer without fail. So why is it that no one has noticed anything when it seems clear that the killer lives nearby and could be someone they all see every day?

John Sandford is a novelist and former journalist who is known primarily for the Prey series of novels with the first one being published in 1989. Aside from the Kidd and Virgil Flowers series he has also written stand alone novels, short stories and nonfiction books.

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