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Recent Quarterbacks in Boise State History

Boise State Broncos
Boise State Broncos
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Over the past several years, Boise State has set a whole new standard of quarterback play. Most people will link the rise of Boise State back to the days of Bart Hendricks. Every quarterback to line up under center since that time was successful to some extent and some considerably more than others. Kellen Moore comes to mind when you talk about Boise State quarterbacks and who may be considered the best in Bronco’s history. During the course of the next several weeks, I will profile the six most recent quarterbacks, which will culminate in one final article ranking these guys. The six quarterbacks are, in order of most recent to oldest, Joe Southwick, Kellen Moore, Taylor Tharp, Jared Zabransky, Ryan Dinwiddie, and Bart Hendricks. Sorry Grant Hedrick fans, just not enough playing time. Tharp at least played a full season. Other than Tharp, every quarterback on this list played at least two seasons, even if it was only part of two seasons, Southwick.

We could simply compare stats, which would clearly put Moore at the top of this list; however, we want to look, not just stats, but what have each of these quarterbacks done for the program, what they meant to the team. Would the teams have been successful without them or were they successful because of the team, system, or coach? Would any of these guys been successful in a major BCS conference or did they benefit from a weak conference?

These are things we will cover and discuss over the next several weeks and feel free to comment. There is little doubt this topic will spark conversation and debate. Just based on my own discussions with friends and family, there is definitely a wide range of opinions.

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