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Recent freezing temperatures prove global warming is a liberal hoax - oh really?

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Lots of people in the United States, particularly in the mid-western and eastern parts of the country, are suffering through some of the largest snowfalls and bone-chilling freezes of recent memory. Even here in Bakersfield and the San Joaquin Valley, nighttime temperatures were recently below freezing for weeks in a row, causing untold damage to citrus and other crops, not to mention the resultant increase in home heating bills for Valley residents.

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Such cold temperatures have been a boon for global warming deniers, who have quickly jumped on the record cold as "proof" that global warming is a hoax perpetrated by liberal scientists who have their own agenda to destroy the American way of life.


The reason it's cold now in the United States is because it's winter. The reason it's snowing now in the United States is because it's winter. Nothing in current climate science says that the world won't experience wintery conditions when winter comes around. (And for those who still dispute the science, please note that in Australia, where it is currently summer, temperatures have been reaching record highs!)

As the attached video summarizes, just because it gets cold in the winter doesn't disprove anything. The experts in this field of study, who are experts for a reason, are almost unanimous that average temperatures are rising and will continue to rise. Furthermore, 97% of those experts who took a position on whether the warming is man-made agreed that it is. Survey after survey after survey of climate change experts supports this consensus.

Record high temperatures and record low temperatures will continue to be set worldwide. Additionally, the frequency of record low temperatures will decrease and the frequency of high temperatures will increase. In fact, the data shows that record highs will occur almost twice as much as record lows.

However, the experts aren't saying that no one will be able to build snowmen in the winter anymore. That's when it's supposed to snow!



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