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In the past couple of months I wrote about an incident that happened at a daycare. I have been in that room since then and nothing out of the ordinary has happened. The bad feeling I got that day is no longer there. Now out of nowhere in different rooms I am hearing voices of people talking that are not there. I cannot make out what they are saying, because it is so faint. I am paying attention though.

During nap time things do fall off the shelf for no reason, or a noise that is unexplained. All the teachers say, it is just the spirits in here, or it is a ghost. I think the reason why this location especially is sensitive, it was originally a woods that is no longer. A lot of places that are in the woods, or are the woods have these types of happenings. My belief on that day the child's chair was pushed is the negativity level was so high, it allowed something negative in. Usually you might see something, or hear something, but nothing bad. Even the babies know interact with something, but it is not bad.

There is a difference between a ghost and energy. What is going on in the daycare is energy, not ghost. I know the babies really interact with something. They will just look in a certain spot and start smiling, and sometimes they wave. Even the toddlers will start waving and saying bye. I will ask them, who are you waving to? They will say to me look. It is funny sometimes. Also, there are a few older children that I think can see things, and have the gift of communicating with the other side. I do not encourage it, because I am pretty sure the parents would not be too happy. I do watch and observe carefully.

Written by,

Cheryl A Nocera