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Recent Diabetes research on Chinese Herbal medicine

Chinese herbal medicine can be very effective in many chronic medical conditions
Chinese herbal medicine can be very effective in many chronic medical conditions

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine has a long history of helping patients shift the functioning of the body to improve health. A recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, looked at how Chinese herbal medicine affects the development of diabetes. The study was a 1 year multi center randomized control trial that eventually looked at 389 pre-diabetic participants and a herbal medicine identified and Tianqi. The results showed significant benefits and overall reduced the onset of diabetes by 32% in the herb group verses the placebo control. The herbs also were shown to have no adverse side effects.

Medical studies like this help in the understanding of Chinese herbal medicine as a powerful tool in the fight against the rising numbers of people who are suffering from diabetes. Patients with diabetes or pre-diabetes should remember that this was a scientific study to determine effectiveness in very controlled circumstances. Research studies like this should not be seen as a clinical treatment guide.The actual herbal formula of Tianqi is not listed in the abstract. Traditionally Chinese herbs are prescribed specifically to the patient. Tianqi is likely a generalized formula similar to many that are used in Chinese medicine for diabetes. In this case all study participants were given the same herbal formula to control for variables. The study also gave all participants lifestyle counseling.

The take away advice from this study is that properly prescribed Chinese herbal medicine in conjunction with lifestyle changes can slow or stop the progression from a pre diabetic state to full diabetes. To make sure that the herbs you are taking are right for you and your situation, look for a herbalist with full NCCAOM Chinese herbal certification.