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Recent crane collapses around the world: Proof of worsening earth wobble

In Sao Palo, a crane collapsed onto the Brazilian world Cup 2014 stadium
In Sao Palo, a crane collapsed onto the Brazilian world Cup 2014 stadium
AFP Photo / Miguel Schincariol

Recent crane collapses around the world give evidence of a worsening earth wobble. The earth wobble (a Figure 8 movement) developed in 2004 as a result of Planet X (Nibiru) in the area, according to the Zetas of ZetaTalk. Since that time, it has continued to increase in intensity, becoming more extreme in its movement.

Crane collapse in Mentor destroys 8 cars
Maribeth Joeright/
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In the list below that continues to grow, you can see that several of the crane collapses occurred in mid-December. During that period, not only did crane-collapse incidents increase, but so too did the number and intensity of earthquakes and other earth-movement events like building collapses, explosions, massive land cracking open, sinkholes, and more.

With the pace and intensity of such events picking up, are the powers-that-be about to "come clean" with an announcement about Planet X (Nibiru)? Let's hope so.

Some recent crane collapses in Alphabetical Order

  • Brazil (Nov 27) – In Sao Palo, a crane collapsed onto the Brazilian World Cup 2014 stadium in November. It fell across part of the metallic structure killing at least two people.
  • Canada (Dec 17) – In Kingston, Ontario, a construction crane, heavily damaged by fire, trapped crane operator, who scrambled to the edge of the crane to await rescue by military helicopter.
  • Dubai (Oct 14) – In the United Arab Emirates, three workers were killed when a crane collapsed and fell on them at a construction site near the world’s tallest building.
  • Germany (Dec 11) – In Bad Homburg near Frankfurt, a crane collapsed onto a supermarket, falling onto the checkout area shortly before noon, killing one and trapping and injuring others. Dozens were trapped in the store.
  • UK (Dec 18) – In London, a crane on a development in Ealing collapsed around 1530 GMT. A portion of the crane broke off and hung from the rear of the building. Luckily, it landed on the building and not on a busy train track nearby.
  • UK (Oct 30) – In London, a crane collapsed forcing closure of Whitehall in central London.
  • USA (Dec 18) – In New York, a construction crane and the truck attached to it toppled onto its side at a site where an annex to the Winthrop Hospital in Long Island is being built.
  • USA (Feb 04) – In Lakewood, Ohio, a private tree-trimming service crane collapsed into two back yards damaging two garages and bringing down power lines. (NOTE: This is the second crane collapse in NE Ohio in five days: On Jan 30, a crane toppled over in a Mentor Parking lot crushing several cars.)
  • USA (Dec 28) – In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, a crane collapsed forcing the shutdown of Turner Turnpike.
  • Russia (Dec 15) – In Barnaul, a crane failed and its load fell just missing a passerby and crushing a taxi
  • Russia (Oct 17) – In a 100-ton crane collapsed while lowering a boat at Kazan Port.
  • Singapore (Sept 30) – A cane collapsed at the National Art Gallery construction site, killing two and injuring others. Eyewitnesses said concrete slabs on the rear of the crane, which serve as counterbalance, came loose and fell.
  • Venezuela (Dec 15) – In Caracas, a 60-ton, double-crane collapse into an enormous pit at a train station. Video shows the two heavy cranes teetering before crashing down. The first crane slammed to the ground, creating a reaction that seems to have toppled the second crane into the pit. (video)

Stay tuned, there's more to come . . . depend on it!

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