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Recent college grad accidentally sends naked photo to her dad via text

College student in serious trouble after sending naked text to dad
College student in serious trouble after sending naked text to dad

A recent college graduate thought she was sending a naked text photo to a boyfriend, but soon realized it was uploading and sent to her dad’s digits --- OMG. Yesterday a twitter account with the name of nyyy nyyy @dearfashion, who may have recently changed from her real name, Nyiah Imhari Cousar, after her Twitter and Instagram posts started going viral once she tweeted “i just sent a nude to my dad (crying faces).” This might be a top ten contender for most embarrassing text ever sent!

So how did this transpire?

As soon as she hit send she realized she had the wrong contact. She quickly tweeted, “OMG HOW DO YOU CANCEL A TEXT MESSAGE !!.” Apparently @dearfashion didn’t receive the meme that if you’re going to take a naked photo of yourself standing in the shower, legs spread apart -- at least double check the contact before hitting send. Her twitter feed reveals she, “honestly meant to send it to daquan, not daddy.”

While some people think this could be a hoax, it may also have been an honest texting SNAFU, because most phones will self populate the closest name that matches the first few letters typed in -- “da” could easily bring up “daddy.” Naked-texters might take notice after this one. Her dad starting blowing up her phone in disbelief, according to Instagram photos. She later tweeted, “ill nvr send a nude again!!.”

It appears the young lady is tired of all the comments about her accident. In a disturbing and defensive tweet she believes it’s normal that most people send naked photos in texts -- really? But defending her accident seemed to be the least of her worries after her father told her he was heading to her house to talk with her, and of course the girl is so addicted to posting everything on social media -- she uploaded a video of herself freaking out as her father arrived, which also highlights her unfiltered speaking skills (not). Perhaps the lesson she should learn is not just accidentally sending a naked photo to her dad via text, but also not placing everything on social media. Obviously a lot of instagrammers and tweeters agree, take a look at their comments and take note to be super careful who receives your text messages.