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Recap: "WIXOSS" games can get brutal

Akira Aoi may look like a sweet little model idol, but she proves she can play a brutal game of "WIXOSS."
Akira Aoi may look like a sweet little model idol, but she proves she can play a brutal game of "WIXOSS."

Episode: That Poisonous Meeting

Note: Recaps will contain spoilers.

Recap: After discovering that two local idol models are Selectors, Ruko and Yuzuki go to seek out one of them, Akira Aoi, in order to battle. But before they could go through with it, another Selector, Hitome, nervously asks her first. To their surprise, Akira willingly goes along for the battle. But Akira proves brutal in battle to the point of sadism, and after readily beating Hitome encourages Ruko and Yuzuki to battle her next. Ruko finds that she is more willing than Yuzuki to be the next one to fight her.

Meanwhile, Yuzuki is trying to sort out the feelings that she has for a boy -- her twin brother, Kazuki, who doesn't know about her feelings and is oblivious when Yuzuki, in her jealousy over his time with the owner of the shop where they get their cards, runs off.

After repeatedly trying to hide from Akira, she finally confronts her, ready to battle.

Review: This second episode sets up the real brutal nature of the game -- playing WIXOSS is definitely not for wimps. The potential came through a little more in this episode, although the hints are getting bigger for the characters that this is not some mere child's game. Although Yuzuki's feelings were hinted at in the previous episode, here we are given a little bit more background on what's going on with her. The hope is that it doesn't get too "creepy."

This week's episode was a good follow up to the previous week. There was some good action in this one, and we are starting to get more into this world and learning its rules. Hopefully next week we'll see more of Ruko's involvement and how she's finding herself getting more attracted to the battle aspects of the game.

Next Week: While Akira and Yuzuki battle it out, will Ruko accept Hitome's offer for a battle?

"Selector Infected WIXOSS" is currently streaming on and Crunchyroll.

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