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Recap: The mystery deepens in "WIXOSS"

Selector INfected WIXOSS
Selector INfected WIXOSS

Episode Title: That Wish is Blasphemy

Note: Recap will contain spoilers

Recap: Ruko, still concerned about Yuzuki running off after her and Kazumi found her, is surprised to find Yuzuki at her apartment. She apologizes to Ruko for some of the things she said, and confesses that her wish involves a boy and that it "shouldn't" come true. At that point, Ruko starts to put two and two together.

The next day, the two of them run into Hitome in the library. Hitome asks Ruko to be her friend, citing that their battle felt different than the battle she had with Akira. In the process, she becomes friends with Yuzuki, as well, and they decide to play a non-battle game of WIXOSS (where they don't play their avatar cards). Both Hitome and Yuzuki note how much Ruko loves playing the game.

Meanwhile, while waiting for the girls to finish their game, their avatars talk about their owners. Midoriko laments that she might not be needed anymore since Hitome has her wish for friends granted. However, they also mention how alike Ruko and her avatar Tama are, noting that Tama probably has not been told yet that Ruko doesn't have any wishes.

Meanwhile, Akira is looking for Ruko to fight her, even employing her classmates to find her with promises of a tour around the fashion studio if they bring her in. Yuzuki tries to prevent Ruko from going, noting that her fight might result in her hating the game afterwards. But Ruko feels that she is ready to fight Akira, so when she is found she goes along willingly.

Akira drags Ruko into the dressing room to have their battle, but are interrupted by Iona, who proposes her own battle with her. Akira, angry that Iona interrupted them, is dragged away for her shoot. Iona, meanwhile, repeats her proposal for a battle, but when she touches her she tells her that she knows she has no wishes. She tells Ruko that being a Selector without wishes is "blasphemy."

Review: The more this show continues, the more questions that are brought up. How come Iona can read people's wishes? Why didn't Yuzuki and Hitome insist on non-battle fights with Akira before going into their battles? What's the deal with Ruko's constant flashbacking to her grandmother's words on pillars and the city? Overall it was a little lighter than the last three, setting us up with the ending stinger involving Iona and Ruko. There's still some tension, with Akira being so anxious to battle Ruko like a schoolyard bully. But overall this week felt like the calm before the impending storm.

"Selector Infected WIXOSS" is currently streaming on and Crunchyroll.

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