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Recap: The gods are shackled in "Kamigami no Asobi"

Kamigami no Asobi

Episode: Beautiful Shackles

Note: Recap will have spoilers.

Recap: The episode starts where it left off the previous week: Apollon, upon meeting the upset Yui as she was running out after her meeting with Zeus, introduces himself and looks like he's about to go in for a kiss, but kisses her cheek, making her confused. Apollon immediately apologizes, saying that was how he greeted others where he came from. Jealousies already start showing when Balder notices Yui flying with Apollon on his Pegasus, not knowing that they were just trying to figure out where they were.

Zeus calls all the gods and Yui to see him so he can explain to them what they are to do -- in order to leave, they have to "graduate" in a year. If they don't, they're stuck there forever. When Loki and Takeru try to start a fight, Zeus tells them that their powers will destroy the school, so he puts on shackles (that look like pieces of jewelry) to keep their powers under control. He tells them that they will be taught by the Egyptian god of knowledge Thoth, who assures a worried Yui that when she's brought back to her family it will be at the point when she left.

After the meeting, Yui becomes more sympathetic to the gods, since they're in the same boat she's in. In her room, she meets Melissa, a talking stuffed toy created to keep Yui company.

The gods are called to their opening ceremony, of which they start looking to Yui for advice on what to do. Half the gods refuse to participate, putting the goals in jeopardy. But they manage to get through it, with Appolon being named class representative.

Review: We're starting to get a story now, so this series is starting to look up a bit. It was also starting to look more action packed until their powers got shackled (with pretty jewelry to sell to future cosplayers). The addition of Melissa, this weird looking little Muppet thing, reminded me of Juli from "Brothers Conflict," but with a slightly different attitude towards the entire proceedings (where Juli tried to keep the brothers away from her, I'm sure Melissa will help her make decisions on characters in the end -- just like in a video game!). The proceedings are given a little more seriousness this time around, but it still gets silly in parts. worth watching for the train wreck effect that it will probably take on.

Next Week: Their first lesson.

"Kamigami no Asobi" is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

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