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Recap: The beach episode comes early for "Kamigami"

Kamigami no Asobi

Episode: Sea Breeze Conflict

Note: Recap will contain spoilers.

Recap: The gods aren't handling the lessons well, causing Thoth to consider not going on with the lessons if half the gods were going to be so easily distracted while the other half didn't show up at all. After seeing the seasons change suddenly, Thoth suggests to Yui that they go on a summer break.

They manage to convince all the gods to go, but as the boys strip down to their swimsuits the season suddenly changes to fall, which doesn't deter Apollo and Tsukito from trying to make the most of it and attempt to go swimming anyway, resulting in them catching colds.

Loki and Takeru, bored now because they can't go swimming, attempt to leave. Apollon tries his best to find a way to keep them entertained, using his predictive powers to try to find something to do (which, with his shackles, limit his ability). When he repeatedly calls out "flowers," Yui comes up with an idea -- she and Apollon go back to the school to get some fireworks, which impress the gods.

As they are coming back from their trip, Yui notices some flowers on the trail. Apollon, who loses her for a moment because he didn't notice her stopping, looks for her in a panic, thinking he lost her. When he finds her and the flowers, he hugs her. Tightly.

Review: The flowers make another appearance in this episode as each god is showing off his bathing suit. The story could have turned into another typical cliched anime beach story, but with the conflict of the suddenly changing weather we were spared (or had it taken away from us depending on your view) numerous glamour shots of the handsome gods while they gawked at Yui in her bathing suit. The show is showing that it isn't taking itself too seriously at all at this point -- the classroom scene in the beginning is definitely played for laughs -- which could be a good thing for this show (how seriously can you take an anime that introduces its characters with flowers as the backdrop?).

Next week: Yui and the boys have a barbecue.

"Kamigami no Asobi" is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

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