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Recap: Takeru makes a breakthrough in "Kamigami"

Kamigami no Asobi

Episode: The Unforgivable Heart

Note: Recap will contain spoilers

Recap: As the Yui and the others get ready to do their club activities (with Tsukito still not quite understanding that the "go home" club isn't a real club), Takeru still refuses to join any club. Thoth tells Yui that he has to get him to join something, so when she goes to look for him she sees him using a stick as a sword. Thinking that she could get him to join her, Takeru tells her to stop bothering him about joining something.

Yui, figuring that she can't get him to do something right now, goes outside and starts practicing her swordsmanship, which catches Takeru's attention. Takeru thinks that Yui is trying to get him to join a club just so they and the others can graduate, but makes a deal with her -- if she beats him in a sword fight (using kempo bamboo swords), he'll join a club. She loses, she stop pestering him about it.

They get into their fight, but as Takeru is about to hit her, he stops and tells her that he wants to postpone the fight until she is stronger, and invites her to train with him.

When it rains one day, Yui thinks she has to postpone her training, but sees Takeru training on his own in the rain. Yui decides to try to catch up to him, but despite his warning not to go any further Yui ends up falling off a cliff. Takeru's emotions get the better of him, and he accidentally breaks his shackle off his ankle and uses his powers to save Yui.

However, this doesn't make Zeus very happy -- because the realm is unstable, their powers can't be used in it. He decides to punish Takeru without listening to his side of the story, and tells him that he needs to confess to what he did or else he's going to be expelled and turned into a statue.

Yui tries to help Takeru at first, but he doesn't want to talk about it. Tsukito explains to Yui that when Takeru was younger, he tried to help a young goddess when she fell off the cliff, but couldn't do so because he was too weak. However, because of how it looked to other people they thought he pushed her off, and no matter how many times he tried to explain himself he got blamed.

When Takeru is in front of Zeus, Yui makes the decision to confront Zeus and tell him the truth, defending Takeru. After the others join them, saying that classes wouldn't be the same without him, Yui tells him that wanting to save others is a very human thing, and that Zeus needs to learn a thing or two about humans himself before passing judgement. (Hades makes the judgement that Zeus knew this was going to happen all along)

Zeus decides to let Takeru go back to class. Takeru thanks Yui, and said he misjudged her as "weak," when in reality she was "strong."

Review: I think Tsukito may become the favorite character in this show just because of how studious and literal he is. This episode focused mostly on Takeru and Yui, so there wasn't much from the other characters this week. And having episodes that focus on specific characters is fine as long as it isn't every other week. Considering that there was an episode about Hades last week, hopefully next week will bring us the entire crew again.

"Kamigami no Asobi" is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

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