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Recap: So what happens if you lose 3 times in "WIXOSS"?

Selector Infected WIXOSS
Selector Infected WIXOSS

Episode: The Invalidated Vow

Note: Recap will contain spoilers.

Recap: The episode starts with Hitoe, Yuzuki, and Ruko in the card shop, deciding on whether to participate in a tournament. They decide not to do any Selector Battles, especially with Ruko still not sure of her wish and Hitoe already having her wish come true. The owner of the store tells them they should dress up and "look cute," so on their shopping excursion Hitoe gets a green scrunchie to match with her card.

The next day, Hitoe finds herself involved in another Selector battle, and loses for a third time. Not only is she no longer a Selector now, but her original wish of having friends is now tainted -- she's forgotten about Ruko and Yuzuki, and if anyone tries to approach her she's in agonizing pain.

This doesn't make Ruko and Yuzuki happy, making Ruko announce that her wish would be to reverse Hitoe's wish. But Yuzuki's LRIG, Hanayo, tells her that wishes, tainted or not, can not be reversed. Yuzuki tries to hide her feelings from Kazumi after he finds her in an argument with Hayako (who encourages Yuzuki to throw her away to be spared from the pain), and Ruko finds herself talking to her LRIG Tama in a restaurant about the whole situation, not knowing what to do.

However, while she's there, Akira shows up. She lets Ruko know that she knew all along after being pulled into a battle ring with a girl that Iona was battling, and taunts Ruko about what happened to Hitoe. Ruko, in the heat of the moment, agrees to battle Akira and make her apologize to Hitoe if she wins.

Review: Wow, the assertion of this being another "Madoka Magica" is starting to come true. We are now into episode five, and our first big revelation has been made about the true nature of being a Selector. It's been kind of hinted at around the edges, but never fully explained, especially with Iona's telling Ruko last week about playing without a wish being "blasphemy." It's a card game with more drastic consequences than we realized. With Yuzuki having one loss and Ruko not losing yet, it will be interesting to see if Ruko has her first loss next week.

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