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Recap/Review: "WIXOSS" the new "Madoka Magica?"

Roku from "Selector Infected WIXOSS"
Roku from "Selector Infected WIXOSS"

Title: Selector Infected WIXOSS

Genres: Mystery, Science Fiction

Simulcasts: Thursdays on FUNImation and Crunchyroll

What's It About?: A young girl named Ruko is in a new school, and has not made any new friends, which is how she likes it. Her brother, in an effort to help her so their grandmother doesn't worry, gives her a starter deck of a card game called WIXOSS. In the deck, Ruko finds a LRIG card, but didn't expect it to start moving on its own. The next day in school, she ends up meeting with another student named Yuzuki who also has one of these living cards. Yuzuki explains to her that she is now a "Selector," a special player chosen to compete for the title of "Eternal Girl" and have their wishes granted. But since receiving the deck, Ruko has had strange nightmares of a figure that looks like her avatar.

Initial Impressions: There's a feeling that "WIXOSS" will end up being compared to the popular anime "Puella Magi Madoka Magica" due to the similar themes -- Ruko's nightmares, the dark themes, the subversion of a genre (in this case, shonen RPG battle shows like "Pokemon" and "Yu-Gi-Oh!"). Unlike "Madoka," though, you get the impression from episode one that something isn't right here, and that it's going to go down some rather dark roads as the series goes on. For now, this is one to watch.