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Recap of Wii exergaming station at health fair

How to set up at a health fair requires the careful planning of a Wii exergaming expert. Many health fairs consist of a number of tables staffed by folks sitting or standing awaiting your inquiries. A Wii exergaming station is a lot more exciting.

Have Wii - Will Travel

Have Wii Will Travel

It's important to determine your goals before you pack. Things to consider include:

  1. What type of space will be available for you
  2. Will they provide a TV and/or projector screen
  3. Who will be your attendees

At this health fair for adults employed at a Federal facility, it's a safe bet that many attendees will be in the Boomer generation. And it turned out that was a safe assumption. The goals for this demonstration were modest:

  1. An exergame requiring little technical expertise from participants
  2. An exergame that gave instant pertinent data to player
  3. Entertaining, easy and fun
  4. Provide a group exergaming experience if possible

The first part of the fair, the Wii station was set up in the small conference room pictured. Since the TV screen was quite small, Wii Fit Plus was selected for demonstration. All that was required of the participants was to choose whether they wanted to take the body test or play one of the trial games.

Participants mostly chose the body test and all but one, was excited with their Wii Fit age. For the young man who took the body test whose score was 69 years old, well, it's not always accurate under muscular conditions. Women who were in their 60's received Wii Fit ages of 30's and 40's which definitely made their day.

One brave woman tried the hula hoop and had a great time. She also realized just how challenging a little movement for a few minutes can be. Many said they were going to purchase a Wii system or dust off the one they had and purchase a Wii Fit Plus game.

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