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Recap of Wednesday Night Fights show at Sammy T's in Huntsville

Hardknock Promotions and Extreme Combat International put on another great local mma show at Sammy T's Wednesday night. There were seven fights in all, including a lightweight title bout for the main event. Many of the fighters on the card were local to the north Alabama area and had a large following of friends and family in the crowd to support them. 

The first fight of the evening was Phillip Grayson vs. Winchester Hagans in the featherweight division (145 lbs). Both fighters were quick and agile. There were a few good stand up exchanges in the first round. Hagans was able to get a big slam that sparked some excitement from the crowd. Hagans went on to win the fight with a choke submission in the second round.

J.D. Malone took on Cody Southwod in the lightweight division. This was another fast and furious contest with some good exchanges of punches. Southwood was able to win by a choke in the first round.

Two heavyweights collided for the next fight. Nick Wilder and Nick Sanders had a quick and to the point bout, with Wilder winning by TKO in the first round.

After a brief intermission, the fights continued with Lyle Brown taking on George Maddox in the 185 pound division.  Brown was able to get the mount position over Maddox in the first round, but Maddox made it out of the round. Brown picked up where he left off following the break and was able to get a choke submission victory in the second round. 

The fifth fight of the evening produced a lot of excitement from the crowd. Matt Ward took on Wayne Hunter in another 185 pound contest. The two fighters exchanged a lot of punches in the first round. Ward was able to get a few takedowns in the second round, but most of the action continued to be a stand up war. In the third round, Ward was able to get to the mount position and went on to win the fight win an arm bar. 

The next to last fight was between Aaron Hall and Rodney Woods. Woods seemed to have a good wrestling background, as he was able to get some takedowns. Hall out-positioned him on the ground some though. Hall had a few submission attempts in the first round, but was not able to sink them in tight. Hall gained mount position at one point in the second round, but Woods made it out of the round. In the third round, Woods was able to get the submission victory he had been looking for. He won with a guillotine choke.

The main event of the evening featured Chris "Venom" Craft defending his lightweight title against Brandon "Dragon" Lovell. Lovell was able to get some takedowns in the first round. Both fighters attempted a few submissions;  Craft went for a kimura and Lovell attempted an arm bar. Craft was able to gain top position over Lovell in the second round and delivered some good strikes down on Lovell. Lovell showed good heart by weathering that onslaught of punches. Lovell was able to win by a choke later in the second round to become the new lightweight champion. The main event was a great contest for both fighters and Craft has nothing to be ashamed of. 

Hardknock Promotions and Extreme Combat International will be attempting to put on monthly Wednesday night shows at Sammy T's in downtown Huntsville. Stay tuned to the Hardknock Promotions website for more information.