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Recap of eBay's April 2010 Town Hall

eBay's April 2010 town Hall (listen here) Opened with Todd Lutwak (Vice president of seller experience) sharing his perspective on the 2010 summer seller release.  He pointed out that eBay surveyed and received responses from over one hundred-thousand buyers and sellers to formulate the item specific standards that are coming in this release. "The inclusion of item condition just improves the buying and seller experience on eBay"  Lutwak also feels the required item conditions will reduce questions sellers receive from buyers about the items listed.

Lutwak also stated that when a buyer opens up a claim that is the ultimate form of dissatisfaction.  "The incorporation of claims into (seller) standards we should have done a long time ago." 

Lutwak also was excited about the bulk editing tools that are expected to make editing listings for sellers easier and more time efficient.

Dawn Sullivan from the trust team responded to a question informed Dawn in Pittsburg:  If a seller issues a refund to the buyer prior to a case being opened by a buyer for an item not as described, in this situation, the open dispute will not factor into the sellers standards under the new seller standard policy that will go into effect this fall.

During a discussion regarding the importance of tracking numbers Griff brought up the scenario of if a seller ships the item to an address provided to them by eBay and it is a wrong address, what happens in this case?  Sullivan stated: "Those are one of the instances we are working on.  Before these requirements roll out in September we are looking at addressing a lot of these if cases" Sullivan added "If it's eBay fault, absolutely the seller should not be held accountable"/

When asked by via email of how does eBay check to see if the buyer attempted to contact the seller before opening a case, Sullivan responded with "Today we do take the buyers word for it" she went on to add historically eBay has not had the ability to see if that exchange had happened between a buyer and a seller.  With the coming changes to member to member communications (due out with the seller release) eBay may be able to add to the process to verify if the buyer did attempt to contact the seller prior to opening a case.

Eddie Sorota Product manager of the listing tools team informed a caller that the improvement to bulk editing will be available to all sellers, even those who do not subscribe to Seller Manager or Seller Manager Pro, however, some of the additional features such as advanced search will only be available to seller manager and seller manager pro users.

In response to a separate email question Sullivan confirmed that if a buyer opens a dispute against a seller for an item that was lost in transit by the carrier, this kind of dispute would count as a strike against the seller as this would be a part of open case.  Sullivan added that if a seller can remedy a situation with a buyer then the situation will not count against the seller.

It was also addressed during the town hall that the item not received disputes for US eBay sellers will count into their seller performance standard from buyers in the US.  International item not received disputes will not be factored into the calculations.

During the wrap up on the Town hall Griff said the next Town Hall will be in July and he stated that they often have Town Halls around the time they release a major announcement.  Could this possibly mean there is another seller release coming this year?


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