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Recap: Hades reveals his curse in "Kamigami"

Kamigami no Asobi

Episode: The Curse of Hades

Recap: Yui introduces the gods to the idea of school clubs, explaining that humans join clubs in order to make long lasting friendships. Balder and Apollon both decide that they're interested in tennis, with Apollon wanting to play "soft-ball" tennis while Balder chooses "hard-ball" tennis. Both Loki and Tsukito announce they want to join the "going home" club, which Yui says isn't a "real club." When she asks perpetual loner Hades what he would like to do, he tells her astronomy, but follows it up with telling her that he doesn't want to join any clubs.

Yui tries to go to Thoth for help, but not wanting to be bothered by a matter he calls "trivial," he tells Yui that she has to solve the matter on her own.

Yui, seeing Hades on his way to look at the stars, decides to join him, despite his warnings that he will bring her nothing but misfortune, and that it will get worse. When they get there and start to unpack the telescope, it starts to rain. Yui inquires on whether it's Zeus' doing, but Hades said that it's because of him, and warns her not to follow him. Yui does anyway, and falls into the river, but is saved by Hades, who tells her that he warned her to stay where she was until the rain stopped.

Yui tries again to engage Hades, who is having none of it. When Yui insists on joining him, he warns her that he only brings misery. Punctuating his point, Yui gets hit by two tennis balls, then is accidentally sprayed with water by Takeru.

Yui starts to wonder if what Hades says is true or if it's just coincidence. Baldar tells her that since he sees so much misery in the underworld, he has a hard time finding things to make him happy. Apollon and Baldar tell her that there is one thing that he likes, although each name a different favorite food of his: strawberries nd rice cakes.

Yui meets Hades in the club room, presenting rice cakes to him as a gift. Hades is suspicious of the intentions behind it, but she insists that it's just a gift. When he bites into them and discovers they also have strawberries, he becomes happy, pleasing Yui. When he realizes what her true intentions are, he gets angry, and shows her the "curse" that is on her chest -- because he is forced to bear the misfortune of all those who resent him for being in the underworld, he can only bring misery to those around him. Yui then realizes that he's not pushing everyone away because he hates humanity, but because he wants to protect those he cares about.

When Hades goes out again to look at the stars, Yui joins him once more, joined by the other gods. When the same thing happens again, instead of packing up and going home they instead strip down to their swimsuits and start playing in the rain, surprising Hades and showing him that misfortune doesn't have to mean "bad."

Review: We are now into episode 4, and so far we don't have any coherent "plot" to speak of. "Kamigami no Asobi" at this point is playing out as a series of "filler" episodes, with no story arc in sight. Hopefully with the next episode there will be something resembling a continuing story.

As far as the current episode goes, it was nice to get some background on Hades and his "curse," although I don't know if it will change his character significantly after this. Baldar and Apollon were their adorable blonde selves as usual, although you might start to wonder why they were put into this experiment in the first place since they seem to be the most agreeable to go along with all of this. Not a terrible episode, but might make you antsy on whether something significant is going to happen soon.

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