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Recap: EdSurge Tech for Schools Summit at Four Seasons in Harbor East

On Saturday the 22th of February in 2014, EdSurge Tech for Schools Summit hosted an exclusive scholastic meeting for an expo showcase of educational technology products in Maryland. It was the biggest EdTech conference of this Winter at the Four Seasons hotel in Harbor East, Baltimore. Who knew one establishment could hold so many educators in one building. EdSurge Tech for Schools Summit was a one stop shop for everything emerging innovative learning EdTech technologies to include: product demos from 30 plus innovative companies, approximately 650 Teachers and Administrators, 3 Maryland Senators (Bill Ferguson, Jim Rosapepe, Christopher Shank) and 3,364 pieces of product feedback. Talk about speed training to the max!

The theme for EdSurge Tech for Schools Summit was “Help A Teacher.”
Tradina DeMary

Did you know? EdSurge is an organization said to help, “educators discover the best products for their students; developers understand what educators and learners need; investors make sense of the EdTech market.”

The educational forum took place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. serving complimentary breakfast and lunch. The days of events were as follows:

The keynote address started at 9 a.m. given by Jim Shelton, Acting Deputy Secretary of Education which was inspirational and focused on the following question for Maryland Teachers and Administrators, “How does innovation & invention fit into the everyday journey of educating the American student?”

The theme for EdSurge Tech for Schools Summit was “Help A Teacher.”

Next was the down and dirty part where approximately 650 Maryland Teachers and Administrators did some exploring and interacting with 30 plus EdTech tools which included “self-directed teacher learning.” It flowed really well especially for attendees that came with their own electronic devices to submit demo product feedback in exchange for tickets to win electronic devices. There were also several laptop tables set-up for attendees without their own electronic devices. The more you participated, the more raffle tickets you could earn.

The coolest part of it all was the student panel luncheon whereas; Teachers and Administrators attendees gained the opportunity for Q & A with four well-rounded Maryland students. The panel discussion was led by moderator Jan Baum. The students’ panelists are listed below:

  • Sierra Seabrease, Digital Harbor High School, 9th grade
  • Keimmie Booth, University of Baltimore, 1st year
  • Colin Sullivan, Long Reach High School, 11th grade
  • Julian Wigfall, Liberty Elementary School, 5th grade

During the conference attendees were allowed an afternoon session for more exploration and interaction with EdTech demos. A reception followed with wrap-up remarks to thanks EdSurge Volunteers and Event Organizers.

Oh, I should not forget to mention there were 15 devices raffled off that included: five Samsung Chromebooks, five Windows Surfaces and five iPad minis. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday, especially for some the coolest educational professionals in Maryland.

For more information on EdSurge events click here.

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