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Recap: "DAIMIDALER" a one-joke show

Daimidaler: Prince Vs. Pengiun Empire
Daimidaler: Prince Vs. Pengiun Empire

Episode: Danger! The Stolen Sun!

Note: This recap will contain spoilers

Recap: In the middle of the fight, Koizumi, despite his "efforts," is having a hard time charging his Hi-ERO particles enough to win a fight. He is saved when a mysterious force shows up and drops porn magazines on the Penguin Force's mech, distracting them long enough for him to win the fight.

As Koizumi tries to figure out what went wrong (and thinks his problem might be because he was "bored" with Kyoko's breasts), enter director Matayoshi, who tells Koizumi that he needs to improve his technique in order to release his "true" power.

In the meantime, the Penguin Emperor has contacted Prince to let them know that he's planning on blocking the sun from the city, forcing people to go home and have sex so that they can release their Hi-ERO particles for collection, as well (although their plan ends up not working as everyone just goes home and -- does nothing). They fight once more, with Koizumi finally able to release his true power in order to fight.

Review: If this is the way that "Daimidaler" is going to be going for the rest of the series' 12 episode run, there's no point in recapping it every week. Most of the show is one-joke -- Koizumi and his ability to produce Hi-ERO particles in order to operate the machine, which involves him being a pervert. One of the only clever jokes this week was the Penguin Emperor telling them to go to their website to "discover" their plans, only to be thwarted by a badly designed page straight from the early days of web design. Overall, unless your sense of humor is completely juvenile don't bother with this series.