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Recap: A wish is pulled in "WIXOSS"

Selector Infected WIXOSS
Selector Infected WIXOSS

Episode: This Nonsensical Peace

Note: Recap will contain spoilers

Recap: Hitoe challenges Ruko, who finds herself tapping into abilities she didn't know she had, wins and is able to power up Tama. But the real battle is between Akira and Yuzuki. Despite her reservations on what will happen when she loses, Yuzuki decides to battle, anyway. Yuzuki has fears of Akira finding out her wish, but Hanayo tells her that it doesn't matter if she does, because if it does come true everyone will know, anyway. Yuzuki does end up losing, resulting in the sadistic Akira making fun of her wish. When she doesn't turn up at home, Kuzuki and Ruko go looking for her. When they do find her, Kuzuki tells Yuzuki that she shouldn't have fought Akira because she wasn't strong enough, then gives her the card they were talking about at the card store earlier in the day that would make her deck stronger. Which makes Yuzuki more upset because of how nice he's being to her.

Meanwhile, despite her win, Akira is not happy when she reaches a photo shoot and sees her rival Iona there. Akira's not happy because nothing's changed after winning two battles and wants to know from her avatar Piriluk how many wins it takes to be an Eternal Girl, even threatening to tear her up if she doesn't get an answer, which Piriluk dares her to do. Iona's avatar senses that Akira won, but is not happy. She offers to beat her in battle to "make her cry," but Iona tells her not to say "brutish things."

Review: Is this the season of "incestual love?" Not only is "WIXOSS" using it as a plot device, but another show this season, "No Game, No Life," as well (albeit more humorously). We do learn more about Hitoe this episode, and we're officially introduced to Iona, as well, which will probably play out next episode. Ruko seems to enjoy the power behind all this a little too much -- could this possibly be part of the mystery of the game? As far as the actual episode this week, I would probably consider it one of the weaker ones, so hopefully next week with the possibility of battle between Iona and Akira the story will step up its game.

"Selector Infected WIXOSS" is currently streaming on Funimation and Crunchyroll.