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Recall on Children's Trikes from Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price trike recall
Fisher-Price trike recall

Moms in Denver and around the country, the following recall could affect your child.

Fisher-Price has voluntarily placed a recall on Children’s Trikes.

WHEN: sold between January 1997 and September 2010, due to a potential product defect.

WHY: A child can strike, sit or fall on the protruding plastic ignition key resulting in serious injury, including genital bleeding.

WHAT: Fisher-Price Trikes and Tough Trikes toddler tricycles with the following model numbers:
72633, 72639, 72642, 72643, 72644, 72792, B8775, B8776, K6672, K6673, M5727, N6021, T6209, V4270

These models have either a disc-shaped or D-shaped pretend key. The model numbers are located under the seat in the storage compartment. The pretend keys are located about 3 inches in front of the seat and protrude at least 5/8 inches above the trike’s body.

The trikes manufactured after June 16, 2010 are not included in this recall. These trikes have a modified key in a flattened D shape and a manufacturer run number higher than 1670Q2. The run number is found under the seat below the model number.

For help and more information, visit the Fisher-Price trike recall page on their website.

If you believe you are affected by this recall, you should move the trike out of children’s reach and contact Fisher-Price for a free replacement key. Call toll-free, 1-800-432-5437, or visit


  • R.R.Cratty Parenting & Education Examiner 4 years ago

    Thanks for keeping children safe.

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