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Recall Alert: Children's toy warned hazardous

Easy Bake oven
Easy Bake oven
ABC news

A 5-year old girl from Katy, Texas was so attached to her easy Bake Oven that it took a group of firefighters to take it from her. The young girl's hand became stuck after she began playing with the toy recently purchased by her mother. The mother later learned that the product happened to be a recalled toy.

It's hard to pull a toy away from a child, especially after they've become attached to it. But of the toy happens to be on a product recall list, there's no exception.

Since January 2014, dozens of products were placed on the Consumer Reports Safety Commission recall list; from toys to household products, fitness equipment and clothing. Earlier this month, J.P. Boden Services, a clothing distributor based in Pittston, Pennsylvania, recalled the Johnnie B boys' pajamas because they failed to meet the federal flammability standards for children's sleepwear. The pajama's posed a risk due to the risk of burn injury in children.

The most recent product placed on the recall list was the 2008 S22 Triathlon bicycle distributed by Felt Bicycles of Irvine, California. Injuries included 18 reports of the bicycle forks breaking, including reports of minor injuries.