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Rebuking a first grader regarding Jesus Christ in California is allowed

The guarantee to express religion has been under attack more than ever before.
The guarantee to express religion has been under attack more than ever before.

Outrage is something that comes to mind regarding the hypocritical position California educators possess when they speak of tolerance, inclusiveness, and being open-minded. What these babblers are really saying is as long as we approve of your message, then the respect and understanding card will be played.

The increase of anti-Christian bias in liberal California and the nation was once again demonstrated when a first grader Isaiah Martinez went to his teacher and class at Merced Elementary School in West Covina, California with candy canes of Christmas messages about Jesus and the history of the candy cane. Little Isaiah got the idea from his sister who told Isaiah about the history of the candy cane.

Isaiah brought the Christmas gifts consisting of the candy canes and the story about a candy maker creating the candy with it symbolizing the life of Jesus. Before Isaiah distributed the gifts to his class, the teacher confiscated the gifts and conferred with the school principle. What was done next was another example of religious bigotry.

The teacher told Isaiah, “Jesus is not allowed in school”, and apparently at the direction of the principle proceeded to rip the candy cane message from each candy cane, threw the messages into the trash, and then handed the candy canes back to Isaiah.

Isaiah then nervously began handing out the candy canes to his classmates, but was in fear he was doing something wrong and may be in trouble for bringing his Christmas message to the class.

Now if little Isaiah would have come out with feelings of being transgender, the reaction from the teacher and principle would have been quite different. Isaiah would have received tons of support even against the wishes of his parents. Isaiah expressed the wrong message according to the thought police that are constantly on patrol in our school systems.

It is extremely disturbing that any other perspective is spun as a “teachable moment”, however Isaiah’s attempt to add a little clarity and understanding about the meaning of Christmas was treated so rudely. Showing such disregard for a first grader in particular shows how far the culture will go to suppress religious expression.

“Advocates for Faith and Freedom” on behalf of Isaiah fired off a demand letter to the West Covina Unified School District demanding an apology and that a new policy be adopted to restrict school officials from bullying and intimidating Christian students or any other religiously affiliated students.

It has been plainly articulated by the United States Supreme Court that a student’s constitutional rights do not end on the school grounds and as long as they initiate religious expression, it is protected speech under the First Amendment of the US Constitution. Educators are ignoring or are ignorant of this religious right.

Unfortunately during the year of 2013, there have been a record number of violations involving religious expression being not tolerated, not only on the school grounds of our education venues, but in the public and private sectors. Censoring religious expression with negativity or prejudice is not unique.

Indoctrinating or putting students as first graders in the uncomfortable position of even suggesting the student is wrong for sharing messages of faith is dead wrong. Older students may be able to at least defend themselves in some capacity, but a first grader? The damage done to a first grader by suppressing “incorrect views” is far worse than allowing what these educators perceive as an offense.

The outrageous practice of squashing anything dealing with Christianity while approving any other form of expression at the elementary, intermediate, high school, and college level are examples of the extreme hypocrisy and bias that exists in our educational system.

If our educators expect our students at the kindergarten through high school level to distinguish between what is acceptable regarding sexual expression, the same students should be able to determine what is acceptable with things as Jesus Christ or Christianity without interference from the mind control being exhibited towards religion. It is not the call of these educators to judge whether Christianity or any other religious expression is acceptable.

There is far more benefit towards reinforcing our values and concepts of right or wrong through religious standards than whether a student’s sexual preference is heterosexual, homosexual, or transgender. Mixed messages concerning what is right or wrong should be left for the parents to decide and reinforce for their children and not indoctrinated at the elementary school level.

“Jesus is not allowed in school?”…..these same intellectuals wonder why there is so much violence, rebellion, poor performance, and confusion in school and beyond.

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