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Rebreather friendly travel on the way

One of the most growing areas of the sport of diving is rebreather diving for more than just the tech diver these days.
One of the most growing areas of the sport of diving is rebreather diving for more than just the tech diver these days.
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More and more these days, recreational divers are entering the world of rebreather diving once reserved for tech divers. Though a much more intense and cautious form of the sport, it provides endless enjoyment to a vast number of divers looking to expand their diving capabilities and searching for a challenge in the underwater world.

What has made rebreather diving more desirable lately is the growing number of manufacturers entering the industry and those long-standing companies focusing on improving their products. More training agencies are offering more options on rebreather certification, increasing the curiosity of many Open Water Advanced divers.

Deep Blue Adventures is thrilled to announce their newest endeavor, "rebreather friendly travel." According to Founder & CEO of the dive travel wholesaler, Cheryl Patterson, she explains,“As our company approaches its tenth anniversary, we are celebrating our successes but we also needed to identify what else we might be able to offer as a valuable service to divers. Over these years, we have seen a substantial increase in queries about rebreather travel, and while we have helped them to the best of our ability, we did not feel it was being done as it should, by us or by anyone else."

Patterson's company distinguishes themselves from the rest of the industry because they give travelers a more personalized experience with a variety of choices and a healthy knowledge of dive destinations having experienced many themselves. They are accustomed to getting to know their customers and fitting the vacation to the needs of the specific dive traveler. This newest concept will only add to the unique offerings of Deep Blue Adventures.

The overwhelming goal of Deep Blue Adventures is to be the ultimate authority on rebreather travel. Cheryl is totally committed to maintaining that familiar edge and she proved it this week when she and her family were off to Bonaire so she could get her rebreather certification. By doing this, she can see where her company can offer advantageous opportunities to the rebreather diver looking for that perfect getaway and how she can improve the experience. Her customer is her main concern.

Patterson has been personally working with numerous destinations to establish exactly how each caters to a rebreather diver and is in the process of assembling a full portfolio on what each has to offer as far as equipment, training, support and the diving itself.

“This is a soft-launch of our product as, at this point, we are still amassing true “rebreather-friendly” destinations and generating comprehensive information on each, but as we do this, we wanted to get this information out there and let CCR divers know we are ready to serve them! In the coming weeks, our clients can expect to see the announcement of escorted trips dedicated to rebreather divers and “ready to go, hassle-free” packages for both groups and individuals. We admit we are still new to this and while we have been serious about our research and are already working with some of the most experienced industry professionals out there to ensure we get this right, we are inviting divers to contact us and provide advice and feedback as we grow this part of our business”.

You can read more about Patterson’s personal perspective on becoming a silent diver on Deep Blue Adventures' Blog, chat with Patterson directly about her experiences through their Facebook Page or preview the sample of Rebreather travel options under CCR Trips on their website.

You may also contact the Deep Blue Adventures team for more information about rebreather or all other aspects of dive travel by contacting them by email at or 888-266-2209.

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