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Reblooming azaleas possible spring, summer and fall in the South

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When you go to the trouble of growing a flower garden, you want to benefit from it as many seasons throughout the year as possible. After all, it requires a lot of effort to maintain a beautiful flower garden and you want to get the most from the effort. And you want to enjoy beautiful blooms every day, too, of course. But most azalea plants only bloom for one season, maybe two, at the most. So how can you get profuse blooms three seasons a year?

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Plant Development Services, Inc. works with individual breeders, plant innovators and plant companies to help those who master this feat let consumers like you know about it. They also work to help them achieve their plant innovation goals. And that's what they did with the Encore Azalea, which was invented by Buddy Lee and introduced in 1996.

This re-blooming azalea plant innovation is patented and gives flower lovers a gorgeous flowering plant three season a year, with blooms in colors like white, pink, purple and red, and all the varying shades of each. But with 29 varieties overall to choose from, you have lots of options with this azalea as a gardener. But Autumn Bravo is one of this Examiner's personal favorites. Check out the vibrant red hues on it in the above slideshow.

For those who are already familiar with the Encore Azalea, you will be heartened to know that the flower plant innovator Buddy Lee has a long horticultural history that lends itself to future innovations. So there will surely be more beautiful flowering plants to come from him that also last more seasons each year. And since most gardeners want the most bang for their plant buck, that's great news, as who doesn't want a three-season blooming flower plant over a one-season bloomer?