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Rebelution, NI, Through The Roots, Holiday Tour Dec 27-Jan 4

'Bringin only good vibes' on tour to Santa Cruz, Ventura, and Orange County for two nights each this holiday season was Rebelution, and Natural Incense [NI] with appearances by Through The Roots, Thrive, and Pacific Dub. After starting in Santa Cruz December 27-28 at The Catalyst, the tour headed south to The Majestic Ventura Theater December 30-31, and ended at Observatory in Orange County Jan 3-4. Nearly every show was sold out, or close to it, and all had the same tidal wave of positive energy.

Rebelution Holiday Tour w/ NI, Through The Roots, and more

Rebelution is fast becoming the world's most well known and widely touring reggae band. The notoriety is well deserved. Listening to front man Eric Rachmany's majestic melodic voice fill the Majestic Ventura Theater with messages of peace, love, and happiness... one can not help but spread those vibes far and wide. In an era of trashy reality TV and celebrity excess, there is a Rebelution revolution happening that is preaching positivity to the masses. Songs like Feeling Alright, Good Vibes, and Heart Like a Lion – a song that has gotten this reporter through some tough times - are just the tip of a mountain of classics by this talented group. Rebelution is already on their third full length release, with a new album expected this May. The band wowed the crowds on the holiday tour with a couple of sample songs off the new album slipped into the live set. Expect to hear the words Too Blessed To Be Stressed over and over in the second half of 2014 as this new Rebelution tune is sure to be another in a long line of hit songs.

The holiday tour also featured the very talented NI for all six shows. The band has been a constantly evolving musical work in progress for several years. Now a seven piece, their sound is nearly complete. These guys have taken reggae-rock fusion to a whole new level with their song Hunt Alone at Night. Its tribal beats, mesmerizing keys, and epic guitars are leaving crowds in awe of what they just saw. True to the Rebelution revolution, NI songs like We Are One, Realization of A Nation, and So Alive also spread the positive message to the tours sold out crowds. And the nightly cameo appearance by Rebeluton's Eric Rahmany in the NI song For Real got the crowds fired up every time. Now based out of California's central coast, five of the seven guys in NI spent many years living in San Diego, and this reporter got to know all of them well. It was a pleasure to see some of San Diego's home town boys making their musical dreams come true. Currently recording their new album at the legendary multi-platinum Big Fish Studio in San Diego, expect the next NI album to be their best yet.

Also appearing on the holiday tour was San Diego's own Through The Roots, as well as Thrive, and Pacific Dub. Having only made four of the six shows, this reporter did not get to see Pacific Dub. However, Thrive and Through The Roots both brought the right energy to this tour. San Diego's reggae scene is in good hands with bands like Through The Roots bringing their big multi section sound. Horns, keys, guitars, and epic vocals make these guys a must see for any local reggae fan whenever you can.

The video embedded in this article, and many others were filmed and edited by this author Gary Jacobs of DBS Entertainment Productions

Check back often to each bands social network sites for new videos from the shows.

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