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Rebelution at Pacific Amphitheatre

Caleb of The Green
Caleb of The Green
Gary Schwind

Reggae and summer go together - in southern California especially - as well as peanut butter and jelly. It was fitting then, that in the middle of summer (and on the last day of the OC Fair), Rebelution headlined the Pacific Amphitheatre. The show began in the waning hours of summer daylight and ended with the full moon over the sold out venue.

The venue hadn't quite filled up when The Green took the stage (largely due to the length of the line of people waiting to get into the show), but a pretty good crowd had assembled. The band played for about 40 minutes, and definitely got the crowd in the mood for a night of reggae music. The crowd sang along and definitely felt the good vibes that The Green provided.

Iration was the next band to take the stage - with local favorite Micah Brown on guitar. Most of the crowd filtered in during Iration's set and they were rewarded with a lot of songs like "Summer Nights" that they could sing along with and dance to. Iration finished the strongly. At the end of the set, the band played "Time Bomb". That was followed by "Mary Jane's Last Dance" - a fitting song for the evening. The band left the audience wanting more, but also ready for Rebelution.

In between Iration and Rebelution, I had a firsthand experience with the all-ages nature of this show. Seated next to me was a five-year-old boy named Isaiah, who is a big music fan and already a veteran of multiple concerts. He slept through Rebelution, but he seemed to be enjoying himself.

Rebelution took the stage, and the already enthusiastic crowd erupted with cheers and shouts. Rebelution treated the audience to an hour and a half of songs from all of its albums. Singer Eric Rachmany went from one side of the stage to the other and invited the crowd to sing along throughout the set. Frankly, the crowd didn't need an invitation. Pretty much everyone in the audience was singing along from the first notes of the set. "Feeling Alright" was one that seemed to be a crowd favorite.

It was a good night of reggae and an excellent way to close out the OC Fair. If you get the chance to see any of these bands, you should. You won't be disappointed, and you'll probably fee some pretty good vibes.

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